Make Your Message Move


Jeff Koven has worked as an independent video producer since February of 2007. In the following years he became an experienced wedding videographer, learning how to create that emotional touch needed to make a video shine and make folks cry (in a good way). Now he is helping businesses shine by crafting believable videos that convey those things that are most likely to matter and resonate to their viewers.  These include bringing out the best from the on-camera representative of a business and not letting a tinge of discomfort make it to the final product, and helping them "keep it real" so that audiences don't tune out.

Jeff believes that it is not just the words you use and nice image that matter, but how you say those words, when they are heard, in what order, with what music, and what context the person and company bring forth, and how these factors must all be given atten​tion and made to work together as a team. The end result should be a work that generates excitement and invites the viewer's curiosity and desire to meet this very real business owner and his or her team and establishment, and, in turn, desire the product or service in focus.